Welcome to your journey of
healing and self-discovery!

About Me

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Bright. I’m EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic)/Tapping practitioner.
I hold a degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters degree of Neuropsychology. In my student years i was always passionate about neurolinguistic programming, a field which engages the possibility that we can change our
perceptions of problems we are dealing with while being in a mild hypnosis state sounded like magic to me.

One day I decided to step onto healing paths. I wanted to heal myself, heal my body, my emotions, my relationships, my partnership. This choice immediately brought me to EFT practice and transformed my
life dramatically. I was shocked how quickly it helped me to release negative emotional programs that
had been poisoning relationships with my partner. I was also surprised by how easily I chose a new belief for myself and made it my new truth. 

That was a huge shift. It made me even more enthusiastic about EFT. I started to practice it myself as a daily routine. I got an education at Sonia Sophia School of living arts and became an EFT Practitioner.
I see it as the most powerful transformative tool that had changed my live for the better and that means the same can happen with you. I believe in you!  Read My Story

What I do

    I offer online EFT/tapping sessions to people all over the world. I guide them through their traumas, negative beliefs, challenging emotions, physical pain and other sensations to the point where they can be healed. To the point where they would feel more free and light and happy.

My guidance is intuitive. I’m creating a new mental spiral for my clients so they can come to realise new solutions and possibilities in their lives. Also, I’m holding space for traumatic experience from the past and helping to release the negative emotional charge that might be stored in the body. I help my clients to process their negative emotions much faster and efficiently so they would can free of that burden. Instead they emerge glowing with happiness, relaxed and confident in themselves.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique also known as ‘Tapping’ or ‘EFT Tapping’. EFT is a practical method that involves using fingertips to gently tap on the body's acupuncture points, that are just dots along the meridian lines known in Chinese medicine over 3000 years ago. While we are tapping on these points, we are activating the subtle energies that circulating in our meridians. Meridian pathways are going through our body, through our organs and tissues.

By activating these pathways, we can unlock stuck energies that might be stored in our body and we can clear it out of our system. Also if we focus on a point of distress, or the memory of a distressful situation, while tapping and breathing we begin to reduce the negative emotional response that associated with that point of distress. As a result, we might experience a feeling of relief and deep relaxation. This technic promotes healing around the emotional and physical issues.




Ekaterina has a natural gift of sensing what a person is going through deep inside, and feeling their energy during the tapping session. This makes it possible for her to intuitively help unlocking (un)conscious problems and work on traumas, also guiding the person gently through the process. After a few sessions I felt being able to let go of some negative patterns, and the session helped me dealing with the feeling of being stuck - for example with locked up emotions.

Martin Gomez Thomsen

I had my first ever EFT session with Ekaterina and was going into the experience a little skeptical. Her presence quickly helped me to relax and open up. I was facing a lot of anxiety caused from work. I haven't had any thing at work triggering my anxiety since our single 30 minute session. I would say it was a lot more effective that what I imagined was possibly.

Otto Lai

At first my goals were centered around motivating myself to get healthier, mentally and physically so that I can be a better partner. But during two sessions I realized the physical release of endorphins from tapping was a major factor in turning negatives into positives. A week later and I am still feeling the effects of Ekaterina's therapy. I am a teacher and I'm waking up earlier, excited to prepare for class everyday. Instead of worrying about finances I am feeling confident about following my instincts moving forward!

Offering online EFT/tapping sessions to people all over the world; guiding them through their traumas, negative beliefs, challenging emotions, physical pain, and other sensations along their journey of healing.