My Story

Hello! My name is Ekaterina. I’m EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic)/Tapping practitioner.
I hold a degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters degree of Neuropsychology. In my student years I was always passionate about neurolinguistic programming, a field which engages the possibility that we can change our
perceptions of problems we are dealing with while being in a mild hypnosis state sounded like magic to me. I remember myself wanting to work in neurolinguistic programming, but at the same time I felt that was not yet ready for it, and that someday I would return to it. Back then I had two completely different careers as a graphic designer and a real estate agent.

Three years ago, I left my career in real estate as well as California and started to travel. And I began to search out my new passion in life. After one year of travelling, I felt that I wanted to work in massage therapy. It had been my long-time hobby. After massaging my friends for five years I was already considering making it my career, but it didn’t align with my nomad lifestyle at all. From there I started to look for something that would be more coherent with my lifestyle. I had also been searching for myself, my purpose and my motivation in life. I tried getting in touch with myself through yoga, meditation and reiki practice.

One day I decided to step onto healing paths. I wanted to heal myself, heal my body, my emotions, my relationships, my partnership. This choice immediately brought me to EFT practice and transformed my life dramatically. I was shocked how quickly it helped me to release negative emotional programs that had been poisoning relationships with my partner. I wasvalso surprised by how easily I chose a new belief for myself and made it my new truth. It took me just four or five sessions to see a huge progress in how I saw my future. It was much more positive and confident. I noticed myself becoming more excited about my future. In just half a year of EFT practice I realized that my self-talk changed. I became so gentle and compassionate with myself. It was really shocking, it was unexpected and nobody around me even mentioned it. This new outlook became so vivid in critical situations. Instead of self-blaming and feeling guilty I started calming and soothing myself, I was able to be compassionate and forgiving with myself. 

That was a huge shift. It made me even more enthusiastic about EFT. I started to practice it myself as a daily routine. I acquired an education at Sonia Sophia School of living arts and became an EFT Practitioner.
I see it as the most powerful transformative tool that had changed my live for the better and that means the same can happen with you. I believe in you!

Offering online EFT/tapping sessions to people all over the world; guiding them through their traumas, negative beliefs, challenging emotions, physical pain, and other sensations along their journey of healing.